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Dear visitor,

Xavier Cotx GimbernatOur company was founded more than 35 years ago and looks the future with optimism. During the last years, DEFOPOOL has kept carrying out different internal changes to contribute to the modernization of the company for confronting the challenges of the new times. Among these challenges is the one of adapting to the new technologies of the society of the information to give an answer to the changes that are taking place in the consumption forms of ours country. Precisely, this new website intends to be a first crossing in this sense, but it, intends at the same time to continue what has been a tradition in our business culture: the close and direct contact. Although when the company was founded, this direct contact passed through the personal relations with our customers, today it starts to pass through having available a page to internet for anyone who wants it.

Thanks to the multiple possibilities that this means offers, at the moment our web already allows making orders filling in a form, obtaining detailed information of all our products and giving answer to the most usual questions that our customers pose to us. But the project does not finish here, since we intend to implement in the medium term a complete system of online purchasing.

Be welcome, in this new space. We expect it to be of utility for you and we thank you beforehand for any suggestion that you want to make.

Xavier Cotxà Gimbernat                        Mercè Pagans Quintana

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